This news update on Prop 65- An Ambulance Chaser’s Dream is brought to you by The Center for Consumer Freedom.



The Center for Consumer Freedom has launched a new project—Prop 65 Scam—taking aim at California’s Proposition 65, a state law requiring warning labels on any product or area that contains chemicals the state claims are carcinogens or reproductive toxins. Today we have a full-page ad in The Sacramento Bee that criticizes Prop 65 for enriching trial lawyers who file frivolous lawsuits under the law’s bounty-hunter provisions. The headline reads, “Prop 65: An Ambulance Chaser’s Dream” and depicts a cartoon lawyer frantically chasing an ambulance labeled “Prop 65 Mobile.”





We’ve also released a new online video explaining the key flaws with Prop 65. Specifically, the law fails to take into account the principle that the dose makes the poison. Over the years, the list of chemicals that require labels has grown to more than 800; even products or businesses that use very small amounts of a listed chemical require warning labels. This has allowed trial lawyers to rake in more than $90 million over a ten-year period from filing shakedown lawsuits against businesses.






The negative effects of Prop 65 extend beyond California. Out-of-state businesses that want to sell their products in California have to comply with Prop 65. The burdens placed on these employers have resulted in a number of companies scaling back business in California—including Dunkin’ Donuts and Wholesale Unlimited. And the real kicker? It hasn’t done anything to reduce cancer rates.




For more information on Prop 65- An Ambulance Chaser’s Dream please visit The Center for Consumer Freedom link above.  Please contact Nexreg for our Prop 65 Compliance services.