What Is Canadian Cannabis Packaging & Labeling?

Nexreg will review your current or proposed label and package to ensure it complies with the core plain packaging rules set out in the Cannabis Act.  It is critical that the product packaging and label is not appealing to youth and that it meets all the labelling requirements for each specific class of cannabis product.

 Nexreg is able to assist with determining the appropriate class of license required to meet your needs.  Each class of license comes with specific requirements.  We are able to provide consulting services to provide these requirements to ensure that your application process is successful.

Why Do You Need Canadian Cannabis Packaging & Labeling?

The Cannabis Act and its Regulations provide a framework for legal access to cannabis and control and regulate its production, distribution and sale.  The Regulations outline strict rules for packaging and labelling of Cannabis products referred to as the “core plain packaging” rules.  Before you may sell your product, you must obtain an appropriate license.  Each class of licenses (Cultivation, Processing, Sales and analytical testing including R&D and Drug) comes with its own requirements such as the requirement for physical barriers and visual monitoring of the perimeter.

The Regulations also prohibit the sale of Cannabis products that are appealing to youth by restricting the type of packaging and labelling.