What Is Canadian Cannabis Packaging & Labeling?

Whether your selling products containing dry cannabis, fresh cannabis or cannabis oil Health Canada has introduced regulations governing cannabis packaging and labeling.

Canadian Cannabis Labeling

For Canadian cannabis labeling there are specific elements that need to be addressed. Some critical elements include:

  • Recommended storage conditions
  • THC / CBD content
  • Health warning messages e.g. “KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN”

Canadian Cannabis Packaging

For Canadian cannabis packaging there are various requirements to ensure the health and safety of the public. Some requirements include:

  • Limitations on packaging colours and graphics
  • Tamper-evident & Child-resistant
  • Scent free

Our Procedure

  • Required Product Information

    Nexreg acquires the information of the product as well as the dimensions of the container it will be sold in. We may request that a “required product information sheet” be filled out with the necessary information.

  • Label Review Process

    We review the product information against the requirements of health Canada and the cannabis act to determine the applicable label elements and package requirements.

  • Generation of Label Memo

    Once the label elements and packaging requirements have been determined, a cannabis label memo is generated with instructions outlining the application on the final label artwork. This may include….

  • Final Draft Review

    On final review we require a full-size copy of these labels to confirm sizing elements and meet the guidelines set out in the label reviews. Once our team has ensured that all recommendations have been followed and implemented correctly, you will receive a final approval. Once approved your label will be ready for printing.