This news update discussing the Compliance of REACH Registration is brought to you by ECHA.



A strategic workshop in March-April 2014 kicked off the revision of ECHA’s approach on using compliance checks and other measures to improve the REACH dossier quality. The proceedings have now been published.


Helsinki, 30 June 2014 – ECHA is updating its strategy on checking the compliance of REACH registration dossiers for the coming years (2014-2018). The goal is to improve dossier quality as efficiently as possible using compliance checks and other measures. The lessons learned and the future principles on compliance checks were discussed with stakeholders, Member State representatives and the Commission.  


The participants of the workshop shared their concerns over the non-compliance of registration dossiers and indicated that actions by both industry and authorities are needed.


The revised strategy on compliance checks will concentrate ECHA’s regulatory activities towards the right substances of concern and address aspects that are most relevant for their safe use. Other actions are also needed to improve dossier quality, including communication and enforcement measures, and pre-warning campaigns. The updated strategy should give direction to the effective use of different types of compliance checks. To improve the efficiency of these checks and their follow-up, further cooperation with the Member States will be needed.



For more information on the Compliance of REACH Registration, please visit the ECHA link above. Please contact Nexreg for REACH compliance.