This news update on the REACH enforcement project is brought to you by Chemical Watch.



The second phase of the third co-ordinated REACH enforcement project (REF-3) (CW 1 April 2014) is continuing to check compliance with registration requirements, according to Eugen Anwander, vice-chair of the REACH Enforcement Forum.


Speaking at an International Business Conferences event in Brussels on 24 June about the legal implications of REACH, Mr Anwander said the checks are assessing whether the substances and tonnage bands found on EU chemical manufacturing sites marry up to registrations.


The inspectors also co-operate with the customs authorities to identify importers of substances covered by REACH and only representatives (ORs). “We receive the list of imports of a specific substance for one year,” said Mr Anwander. He added that company names that inspectors have not heard of but are importing into the EU, may increase the potential for compliance checks.



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