This news update regarding substances used in hydraulic fracturing is brought to you by ECHA.



ECHA clarifies how to report substances used in hydraulic fracturing.


Companies can now report more explicitly to ECHA in the current IUCLID the use of substances in the exploration or extraction of oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing techniques.


ECHA encourages registrants to update their dossiers with a corresponding use description if their substances are used in hydraulic fracturing. We also encourage downstream users, who supply or use substances or mixtures for fracturing fluids but have not received corresponding exposure scenarios with the safety data sheets to notify their suppliers and to report to ECHA for such uses.


Further improvement in systematically reporting such uses will be supported an upcoming update of IUCLID in 2016. The use descriptors incorporated into the new IUCLID version are being subject to a stakeholder consultation in the context of the update of the Guidance on Information requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment Chapter R.12: Use description.



For more information regarding substances used in hydraulic fracturing, please visit the ECHA link above. Please contact Nexreg for Label Services.