The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently created a set of goals and objectives in relation to its plan to both implement and promote the development of alternative test methods, as required by Section 4(h) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


The Agency has been developing a plan that involves using alternative methods for TSCA testing by mid 2018.


The goals are as follows:


–       Develop a criteria for the scientific reliability and relevance of test methods and strategies;


–       List alternative test methods or strategies;


–       Carry out and prioritise performance assessment, validation and translational studies to accelerate the development of alternative methods/strategies;


–        Promote the development and implementation of the alternative test methods; and


–        Submit a report to congress every five years.


For each of the above, the EPA is also developing sets of near, mid and long-term objectives for both new and existing chemicals.


On November 2, 2017 the EPA is holding a public meeting to obtain any input form parties and the public.


For more information on this topic, please click here and visit EPA.gov.


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