Poland’s Authority for REACH and CLP are asking the European Commission and CARACAL members to express their thoughts about harmonizing classification of substances that contain benzene.


According to the CLP Regulation, Crude benzole does have a harmonized classification as carcinogenic category 1B (Carc. 1B, H350, assigned Note J). This substance is also classified in a severe category (1A), which is a category where substances are known to have carcinogenic potential for humans.


In circumstances of the 1B entry, classifications for a carcinogen or mutagen does not apply if it can be shown that the substance contains less than 0,1% w/w benzene.  However, when it comes to benzene’s 1A classification, it is applied when used in a mixture.


Poland says that the inconsistency regarding crude benzole can exist for most substances that contain benzene. This can lead to misclassification and difficulties.


The Polish Authority has therefore asked the commission to review the problem and provide their opinion on the classification of the substance.


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