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This App allows any employee with a smartphone to search for whichever SDS they need on demand with a password-protected login. Users will quickly find the desired SDS using ERA’s streamlined search options, including product ID, supplier, description, or keyword. SDSs can also be favorited and saved to be accessed offline. The app can find SDSs in any format a manufacturer might need, including doc, jpeg, png, PDF, excel, gif, and PowerPoint.


The SDS Finder App offers advanced functionality toimprove response time to emergencies and incidents. One feature is the ability to compare SDS revision dates and email SDS data to anyone – including upper-level management, suppliers, and emergency responders directly from the app.


ERA’s co-founder, Sarah Sajedi, emphasizes that this app is ideal for the transition to the Globally Harmonized System of hazard communication. As upstream and downstream manufacturers are re-authoring their SDSs and labels, the new app from ERA is the perfect addition to a newly improved Hazard Communication Standard for any company.



For more information on the SDS Finder App, please visit the PR Web link above.  Please contact Nexreg for more details on our MSDS Services.