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A comprehensive review of five decades’ worth of research shows that high volume use of major detergent ingredients have had no adverse environmental impacts to waterways and river sediments, according to apaper co-authored by the American Cleaning Institute.


Surfactants are the key workhorse ingredients in many detergents and cleaning products. Over the past 50 years, ACI and its members have spent at least $30 million on the assessment and reporting of the environmental safety of the major surfactants.


The article, “Environmental Safety of the Use of Major Surfactant Classes in North America,” brings together over 250 published and unpublished studies on the environmental properties, fate, and toxicity of the four major, high-volume surfactant classes and relevant feedstocks: alcohol sulfate (AS), alcohol ethoxysulfate (AES), linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), alcohol ethoxylate (AE), and long-chain alcohol (LCOH).



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