EUThe European Commission Publishes Chemicals Legislation Roadmaps.


In May of this year, the European Commission published two evaluation and fitness check roadmaps. The roadmaps were created to assist the EU Commission to not only serve as the evidence for the chemicals stock-taking report referenced in the 2014 Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme, but also to develop the non-toxic environment strategy by the seventh Environmental Action Programme by 2018.


The Roadmaps are separated into three sections:



    1. Fitness Check and Legislation


    1. REFIT Evaluation


    1. REACH Guidance



1. Fitness Check and Legislation


The first roadmap, is regarding the fitness check of the current chemicals within the legislation, as well as the aspects that are related to the legislation. In the EU, the legislation framework for chemicals includes; legislation directly in regulating chemical substances and mixtures, as well as regulating conditions under which certain chemicals are manufactured.


The fitness check will help to asses the effectiveness, relevance, coherence, efficiency, and to identify any possible and excessive regulatory burdens. This aims to provide an overall picture of the current standing of the European chemicals legislation. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.


2. REFIT Evaluation


The second roadmap is the REFIT Evaluation. This evaluation is being carried out in accordance with Article 117 of the REACH Regulation.


The REFIT Evaluation covers the same evaluation criteria as the fitness check. However, it emphasizes the potential for both burden reduction and simplification. It will also help assess the impact of the REACH Requirements on the stakeholders, and it will also determine whether REACH is fit to tackle certain issues such as, nanomaterials.


3. REACH Guidance


In May, 2016, ECHA published a guidance to assist both importers and manufacturers of smaller quantities of substances that contained a simpler registration and requirement under the REACH regime.


ECHA also published an inventory of the substances that are likely to meet the hazardous criteria. Substances like carcinogenic, or that might be a have health or environmental harm are covered within the criteria.


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