Turkey ChemicalIt is expected that Turkey will pass a modified version of REACH later in the year.


Since 2005, Turkey has been aiming to align its chemical regulatory system to that of the EU’s for many years now. However, due to elections last year, the 2015 deadline had some delays. But the Turkish Ministry is now stating that the regulation will come into force in the last quarter of this year.


The new regulation will be named the KKDIK, which stands for chemicals registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction in Turkish, and Turkey has had a draft of the new regulation for quite some time. KKDIK has a registration window that runs from December 31, 2015 to December 31, 2018, for existing substances. The registration will be a mandatory requirement for all substances that are both imported or manufactured in volumes over one tonne. Similar to the EU, the KKDIK has the no data no market rule incorporated.


Almost being a mirror image to the EU regulation, Turkey has made minor changes that will help reflect the character of their local industry. However, many firms believe that there is a shortage of staff that will be able to manage the compliance burden, and that the infrastructure to allow Turkey to comply with the new law is still not up to standards.


Because of the issues that have arisen causing the delays, the Turkish Ministry is dealing with the issue by arranging seminars to educate the chemical sector about their responsibilities, and they have also set up a help desk for industry participants whom have any compliance problems.


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