This news update on the EU Ombudsman is brought to you by ECHA.



The European Ombudsman has closed a complaint and found no maladministration in ECHA’s activities.


An NGO complained to the EU Ombudsman (1301/2013/(FOR)AN) that, in the context of doing compliance checks, ECHA should follow the process described in one of our published factsheets. The Ombudsman concluded that ECHA had been clear in its factsheet and did not challenge the interpretation of REACH as reflected in the factsheet. Moreover, the Ombudsman did not recognise a case of maladministration in the fact that ECHA’s guidance covers the situations where registrants may wish to consider testing beyond the minimum requirements established in the REACH Regulation.



For more information on the EU Ombudsman please visit the ECHA link above.  Please contact Nexreg for REACH compliance.