This news update on hormonally active substances is brought to you by EurActiv.



Hormonally active substances have been blamed for conditions like infertility and cancer, but they can still be found in pesticides and every-day products like food packaging and cosmetics, causing the EU to discuss uniform regulation and attempt to balance consumer fears and economic interests. EurActiv Germany reports.


Pesticides and food packaging, UV filters in sunscreen or preservatives in skin cream: all of these day-to-day products can contain hormonally active agents, which have been linked to conditions like infertility, abnormal development in children and cancer.


Even antibiotics, contraceptives, cleaning products and ship paints – which have been banned in the meantime – are likely to contain so-called endocrine disruptors.


“Many people think that all products on the market are safe, but that is not true”, said Bernd Schäfer from the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) at an event in Berlin on Thursday (3 July). Especially cosmetics and materials that come into contact with food still lack sufficient information, Schäfer said.



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