In the Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) a GHS pictogram is defined as a graphic representation that contains a symbol, border, background and colour that is aims to convey specific information. While A GHS symbol is a graphical element that succinctly conveys information.




GHS Pictograms  GHS Pictograms GHS Pictograms


Pictograms containing symbol, background and border.


GHS Pictograms       GHS Pictograms            GHS Pictograms


Example of only the GHS Symbol.


Under the GHS, a pictogram is necessary on both labels and MSDSs.


Labels: When chemicals fit under a certain criteria in the hazard classes identified by the GHS, there must be the corresponding pictogram on the label. The pictograms on a label must contain the corresponding black symbol, plain white background and a red border.


MSDS: Pictograms or Symbols may also be found on MSDSs.


For more information please visit, SCHC-OSHA. Please contact Nexreg for GHS Compliance.