From the Bureau Veritas Group:

Beginning July 1, 2010, the Competition Bureau of Canada will enforce new requirements for non-food products labelled “Products of Canada” and “Made in Canada.” Since such labels convey to the consumer that the product was made in Canada, the new guidelines clarify the appropriate use of the label by requiring that:

– The last substantial transformation of the product must be performed in Canada.
– Products with the claims “Products of Canada” are required to have 98% of total direct manufacturing or producing of the product acquired in Canada.
– Products with claims of “Made in Canada” will remain subject to 51% of total direct manufacturing or producing of the product acquired in Canada, and shall be accompanied by a qualifying statement indicating that the product contains imported content.

The Bureau enforces the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, the Competition Act, the Textile Labelling Act, and the Precious Metals Marking Act. Although these laws do not specifically require country of origin of a product to be identified, they do address and prohibit the making of false or misleading representations. The Bureau will apply these guidelines to country of origin claims to determine if the claim is noncompliant and enforce action under the false or misleading representation provisions in the required statutes.

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