This press release is brought to you by the ECHA.

The publication of the C&L Platform is one of the ECHA initiatives to support companies to proactively work on the quality of their notifications and better fulfil their legal obligations to come to agreed entries on the C&L Inventory when appropriate. It provides an easy and safe way for companies to get in contact with notifiers or registrants of the same substance. The aim is to facilitate compliance with the CLP Regulation and improve the overall quality of the public C&L Inventory data. It will also be beneficial for SMEs as they will be able to follow the classifications set by larger companies.

The C&L Platform is simple and user-friendly. It can be accessed through the C&L Inventory web page on the ECHA website and discussion features are available for each substance that has different notifications in its Inventory summary page. Each discussion room is accessible only to those registrants and notifiers who have submitted a notification for that particular substance. Once agreement is reached on a common classification and labelling, companies have to notify the Agency accordingly and update their notifications in REACH-IT. These changes are subsequently reflected in the public C&L Inventory on the ECHA website.

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