Today Health Canada released their Consultation on the Mandatory Reporting Policy for the Proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act:

Health Canada is currently conducting a consultation on its proposed policy for mandatory reporting requirements under the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). The purpose of this consultation document is to provide you with important information related to this proposal and to solicit your input regarding Health Canada’s proposal on how it would implement Clause 14 of the Bill, which sets out duties in the event of a product safety incident.

The proposed CCPSA would replace Part I of the Hazardous Products Act and introduce a new regulatory regime for consumer products. One of the shortcomings identified in the Hazardous Products Act is the absence of any requirement for suppliers to report incidents and defects related to health and safety.

Provisions requiring mandatory reporting of such incidents and product defects are common features of modernized consumer product safety regimes.

To learn more about the CCPSA, see the video Bill C-36: Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Act & the CCCR.

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