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The SPC is an important part of the application for a biocidal product authorisation. It contains, for example, the product trade name and instructions for use. The SPC should be submitted together with the application for product authorisation to ECHA through the register for biocidal products (R4BP 3). This applies to all forms of product authorisation: national authorisation, mutual recognition, union authorisation and the simplified authorisation. R4BP 3 will be available on Agency’s website when the Biocidal Products Regulation enters into operation on 1 September. Applicants can already prepare their biocides dossiers in IUCLID.


The new plug-in is compatible with IUCLID version 5.5. It brings together the functionalities of the CSR plug-in used to create chemical safety reports from IUCLID and Chesar data for REACH purposes and the generation of the SPC for product authorisations under the Biocidal Product Regulation. The relevant information available in the biocidal product file in IUCLID 5 is automatically extracted and presented in the right summary format.



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