A recent release from the EPA:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today fined Fresno-based property owner, Ralph Hovannisian, $16,000 for violating federal lead-based paint disclosure requirements at eight rental properties in Fresno, Calif.

“The EPA has a responsibility to ensure renters and buyers receive adequate information to protect children from potential lead-based paint hazards,” said Enrique Manzanilla, director of the EPA’s Communities and Ecosystems Division for the Pacific Southwest Region. “This enforcement action is an example of the EPA’s commitment to regulating and enforcing toxic substances to protect public health — especially children, from potential lead-based paint hazards.”

Residential property owner and manager Ralph Hovannisian did not provide federally-required lead warning statements to his tenants. He also failed to disclose information or reports on lead-based paint or lead hazards at these locations prior to tenants signing lease agreements. The tenants didn’t receive an EPA-approved lead information pamphlet, a statement of knowledge about lead-based paint in the units, or an identification of any records available regarding lead-based paint in the units. These failures resulted in multiple violations of the federally regulated Toxic Substances Control Act.

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