The South Korean Ministry of Environment has put forward amendments to K-REACH on December 28, 2016.


These unexpected amendments relate to:



    • The introduction of pre-registration of chemicals;


    • Abolishing the K-REACH reporting scheme that is already in place;


    • Information provision through the supply chain and consumers;


    • Registration for chemicals that are over one tonne;


    • Penalties for false test results and hazard data, whether it was intentional or not,


    • Penalties for manufactures and importers of chemicals without the adequate registration; and


    • Penalties for harm to both the environment and human health from using a chemical that was not registered.



Even though these changes replace the current registration of existing chemicals, the June 2018 deadline is still in place.


The deadline for the comment period is February 6, 2017.


For more information about K-REACH, please visit chemicalwatch.com.


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