This is the 5th year in a row that a Nexreg team has attended the National Hardware Show, and predictably it did not disappoint.


We met with a large number of our client’s floor teams working the show to see how they were doing face to face. It is always an interesting experience being able to see the compliance work that Nexreg has provided to these clients on the physical products themselves. In other words, to witness the culmination of the full product development cycle. From product formulation, regulatory compliance, packaging and finally to the marketing and sales phase. It is a good feeling to reflect on the role the Nexreg team played, so that these products our clients produce can make it to market, and know that they are in compliance with the mandatory government labelling standards for chemical products.


It was nice to hear from a number of companies that we met for the first time this year that they are just now expanding into the North American market. These companies were looking for compliance with OSHA HAZCOM 2012, CPSC labelling, WHMIS 2015, CCCR 2001 and Mexico’s new NOM-018-STPS-2015 (GHS). Many of whom had manufacturing sites in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and were only vaguely aware of North American requirements. We were happy to fill them in on the particulars of compliance with the above regulations.


We also heard specific questions about expansion into the EU, India, Australia and Brazil from companies here in North America. Some of the requests were:



    • What is the status of GHS in these countries?


    • What version of the purple book are they using?


    • What are the local labelling, packaging and environmental regulations?


    • Is English an acceptable language in these countries?



At Nexreg we hear these questions all the time, and were quick to answer as well as provide additional resources.


As we finished exploring the show, our legs grew weak from all the walking, we concluded that there is an enormous demand for chemical regulatory services, and that many companies (even those with in-house regulatory departments) struggle to meet these demands. As we heard, there is an industry wide push to expand markets where products are sold, and the only way to ensure a smooth launch, is to ensure proper compliance with all product regulations.


The Nexreg team had a great time at the National Hardware Show, coupled with amazing Las Vegas weather and entertainment. We’ll be sure to return next year!