An article from the Toronto Star.  We will be watching closely to see what, if any, actions Health Canada takes:

Twelve national health and environmental organizations are calling on Health Canada to speed up the process it uses to deal with the toxins under the Chemical Management Plan and promote safer alternative products…

They are found in cosmetics such as perfume, hairspray, skin creams and cleansers, or in common household products such as window cleaners, floor care products, pesticides and carpet cleaners.

Among the chemicals targeted by the environmental groups are:

  • Pigment Red 3 (2-Naphthalenol) found in nail polish, soap bars, plastic colourants and industrial painting inks;
  • DEGME (2-Methoxyethoxy): a solvent found in household paints, pesticides and floor care products, window washer fluids, skin creams, cleansers, hairspray and perfumes;
  • 2-MEA (2-Methoxyethanol acetate): found in nail polish, dry cleaning treatments and glues. These three have been placed on Health Canada’s “Cosmetic Ingredient Hot List,” which means their use is being scrutinized, with the possibility of a restriction or ban.

The fourth chemical, not included on the list, is 2-methoxypropanol: It is found in nail polish enamel and remover; hair conditioners and sprays; false eyelash adhesives and removal solvents; and pesticides.

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