A useful reminder from BusinessGreen.com:

The government has warned today that large numbers of companies could find themselves in breach of EU chemicals legislation from 1 December if they fail to pre-register any chemical substances they import or manufacture with the European Chemicals Agency (ECA)…

Firms can reduce the cost and hassle of this registration process by pre-registering their chemicals ahead of the 1 December deadline. Those that fail to meet this deadline will have to suspend manufacture or import of their chemicals until the full registration process is completed or risk fines for breaching the directive.

However, while the majority of firms within the chemicals industry are believed to have largely completed the pre-registration processes fears are mounting that other importers of chemicals, such as IT and electronics firms, cleaning companies, hairdressers, construction firms and food manufacturers, are still unaware of the legislation…

“The European Chemicals Agency estimated that 200,000 firms would pre-register chemicals, but the figure now is that around 800,000 firms have already pre-registered,” he explained. “So when it comes to how many should be pre-registered all bets are off – it is safe to believe that there are companies out there that should be pre-registered but won’t be.”

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