From the Green Party Of Canada:

The Green Party has examined the issues around C-6 (Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) and urges the Senate to pass the Bill so that the safety of Canadians can be better protected. The Green Party supports extending to Health Canada inspectors the same powers of inspection and seizure already in effect under the Explosives Act, the Fish Inspection and Fisheries Acts, and the Meat Inspection Act. “This act does create new powers for inspectors to enter or cross private property in order to carry out inspections,” Green Party leader Elizabeth May noted, “so we would like to see proper monitoring and controls for the use of these powers.” Contrary to some claims, the bill does NOT allow inspectors to enter private homes without a warrant.

“This bill has been written specifically to exclude foods and natural health products, so concerns that it will negatively impact those areas are misplaced,” May stated. “The Green Party continues to support the ability of individuals to access natural health products, and of local farmers to produce using safe, organic methods rather than industrial agriculture,” she concluded.

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