This article is brought to you by New Europe Online regarding new chemicals that have been added to the surface water risk list.

The Environment Committee of the MEPs voted yesterday in favour of adding three pharmaceutical substances to the EU surface water risk list for the first time. MEPs also agreed on a “watch list” of 25 other chemicals that could pose a threat to surface waters.

The three pharmaceuticals  – 17alphaethinylestradiol,  17beta-estradiol and Diclofenac – were among 15 chemicals that MEPs added to the priority risk list of those to be monitored and controlled by the Member States in EU surface waters. However, the Commission is planning to set the Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) that will define chemical concentration limits in water, in its next review.

The watch list will be valid for 4 years and Member States will have to use monitoring stations in order to report their findings and discover whether any of the 25 chemicals poses a threat to the environment.

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