This press release is brought to you by SpecialChem concerning a conference on cosmetic regulations for the EU, China, ASEAN and Korea.

The “The Regulations Workshop” at in-cosmetics Asia 2012, Bangkok, Thailand, will provide an opportunity to learn or to refresh one’s knowledge on the regulatory frameworks in Europe, China, ASEAN and Korea. In 2013, the new EU Regulation will replace the European Cosmetic Directive. With it come a number of changes that will affect product development as well as labeling or the documentation required to do business in Europe.

The European Union’s single market allows products to be moved around the 27 Union Member States as freely as it happens within one country. This is achieved on the basis of central EU legislation in force for the various industry sectors. The worldwide manufacturers of cosmetics doing business in Europe are actually affected by a recast of the Union’s regulatory framework for cosmetic products with a final implementation deadline in July 2013. Additionally, compliance with the EU Regulation for Chemicals (REACH), which applies to the product ingredients, has to be assured.

China is becoming one of the World biggest cosmetic markets, but whoever has tried to register a product in China has faced contradictory information, not always documented on what to submit, how to submit and where to submit thus creating hurdles to enter the market.

ASEAN is a market of 10 countries representing 550 million consumers with one regulation, the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive, setting the requirements. Nevertheless, there are some “country specific” requirements

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