From CSPA:

Stakeholders gathered [tuesday] at Pew Charitable Trusts Conference Center to discuss how to go about modernizing the [1976 TSCA]…all agree that modifications to TSCA will help build public confidence in the federal government’s ability to regulate chemical substances with the greater good in mind—protecting human health and the environment.

Reaching agreement among the stakeholders on this important issue is a major milestone in and of itself. The momentum for a significant makeover for TSCA has been building for quite some time. Last week, [EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson] announced the Administration’s principles for TSCA modernization. In August, the American Chemistry Council released its principles. Early this year, Richard Dennison, Senior Scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, released his organization’s “essential elements.” And, last year, CSPA introduced its principles to guide us as we evaluate TSCA and identify needed changes to the law and how those changes may impact a broad range of consumer products.

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