Announced on January 13, 2020, Health Canada has proposed to make some changes to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist regarding restrictions for the use of ethylhexyl ethylhexanoate, azelaic acid and retinal.

Outlined below illustrates some of the concerns these substances may cause in cosmetic ingredients:

  • ethylhexyl ethylhexanoate – health concerns identified during the substance review under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP)
  • azelaic acid – therapeutic properties and risk of skin irritation at high concentrations
  • retinal – therapeutic properties and risk of skin irritation

In addition to possible above changes, there are also 6 substances that may be subjected to revisions that are already present on the list:

  • retinoic acid – clarify that derivatives and salts of the acid are also included
  • alpha-hydroxy acids – clarify that salts and polyhydroxy acids (including bionic acids) are included, and revise updated warning and cautionary statements, and product-specific directions for safe use
  • eucalyptus oil – changing requirements to avoid the risk of unintentional ingestion
  • peroxide and peroxide – generating compounds – address concerns with oral cosmetics containing more than 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • p-hydroxyanisole – increase the permitted concentration and proposing to expand the permitted nail product categories
  • retinol and its esters – reducing the allowed concentration in certain products (exposure could exceed recommended tolerable upper intake levels of vitamin A)

There are also other substances that are being reviewed under the CMP that may result in revisions to the list (talc, boric acid).

You can follow this link to stay up to date on any changes to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist.