U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a rule regarding mercury under section 8(b)(10)(D) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


The rule requires all applicable persons to provide information that will assist in the preparation of an inventory of mercury supply, trade and use in the country, where the substance is defined as elemental mercury and a mercury compound.


Currently, the Agency is proposing that supply, use, and trade of the substance include reporting requirements that are found in the TSCA for manufacturers, importers, distributors, exporters and storage.


Manufacturers of mercury, products that contain the substance or intentionally use mercury must report the amount of mercury in pounds (lbs.) in activities during the designated reporting year. Reporters will also create preselected lists that will identify specific mercury compounds, manufacturing processes and mercury compounds.


The agency is currently going through certain exemptions for those who already report the substance to TSCA section 8(a) Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule and the interstate Mercury Education and Reduction Agency.


Comments on this proposal will be accepted until December 26, 2017.


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