A couple of important releases from the EU. First: REACH Pre-registration and Registration Q and A contains a great deal of useful information, including the following:

Tens of thousands of companies across the EU are expected to be affected by the pre-registration and registration obligations. It has been estimated that over 180,000 pre-registration files will be submitted. They are expected to cover some 30,000 substances and 40,000 intermediates.

In the following guidance is given on the pre-registration obligations which apply to substances for which the REACH requirements will be progressively phased-in.

In the case of non phase-in substances, registration starts on 1 June 2008.

Second, REACH: Industry urged to pre-register all chemicals by 1 December 2008:

Some 30,000 chemicals currently in use (e.g. acids, metals, solvents, surfactants, glues) have to be pre-registered at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) between 1st June and 1st December 2008.

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