This news update regarding Bread containing high levels of Urethane is brought to you by Virtual-Strategy Magazine.



A lawsuit recently filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case #BC555670, alleges that The Kroger Co. (“Kroger”), one of the largest supermarket chains in the country, is selling wheat bread containing high levels of Urethane without a required warning on the packaging. According to the lawsuit, California Health and Safety Code § 25249.6 et seq. (“ Proposition 65”) requires manufacturers and other businesses to post warning signs on products that contain specific chemicals that are known to the state to cause cancer or birth defects and Urethane is one of these chemicals.


As detailed in the Complaint, Kroger is purported to be selling its wheat bread with higher levels of Urethane content than legally allowed without a required warning. The Complaint further alleges that consuming the high amounts of Urethane found in Kroger wheat bread on a daily basis could cause cancer.


According to the Complaint, Kroger brand wheat bread lists Azodicarbonamide as one of its ingredients. As reported by on February 17, 2014, Azodicarbonamide usage increases Urethane content in bread. The same article notes that Azodicarbonamide is a chemical that is currently banned for use in food products in the European Union, is used in yoga mats and tennis shoes, and was removed by Subway from its bread after a public outcry.



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