Canada’s amendments to the NDSL


The Non-Domestic Substances List (NDSL), is a list of substances that are “new” to Canada. The substances on the list are also subject to lesser notification, and assessment requirements when they’re either manufactured or imported into Canada in quantities that are above 1000 Kg per year.


The following eight substances were added to part 2 of the NDSL:



    • 18927-0, substituted oil;


    • 18928-1, mixed metal oxides;


    • 18936-0, fatty acids, tall-oil, reaction products with ethyleneamine, substituted heteromonocyclic and alkenol;


    • 18951-6, fatty acids, alkyl esters with polyglycerol;


    • 18952-7, 1,3’-bipyridinium, 5’-[2-(3-aminophenyl)diazenyl]-1’-[3-(dimethylamino)alkyl]-1’,2’-dihydro-6’-hydroxy-4’-methyl-2’-oxo-, chloride, hydrochloride (1:1:1), diazotized, coupled with diazotized 5’-[2-(4-aminophenyl)diazenyl]-1’-[3-(dimethylamino)alkyl]-1’,2’-dihydro-6’-hydroxy-4’-methyl-2’-oxo-1,3’-bipyridinium chloride hydrochloride (1:1:1) and resorcinol;


    • 18959-5, sorbitan, tri-alkyl ester;


    • 19001-2, hexanedioic acid, polymer with glycidyl alkanoate; and


    • 19004-5, dioxadithiatetradecanedioic acid, 4,11-dimethyl-1,14-bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester.



With this, 58 more substances were added to part 1 of the list, and 2 were deleted.


For more information, please visit Chemical Watch and the Canada Gazette. Please contact Nexreg Canadian MSDS Services.