On September 27, the Committee of Risk Assessment (RAC) and the Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) have agreed on four draft opinions on the uses of both chromium (VI) substances and 1,2-dicloroethane (EDC) under the authorization procedure.


The committees have also concluded on 10 opinions for the harmonized classification and labelling.


Some of the opinions include:


–       Acid Black 210 Na:



    • RAC has agreed to remove the existing classification based on the new information provided in the framework of the REACH regulation.



–       Dodecyl methacrylate



    • Based on the data under REACH RAC has agreed with the proposal given by Germany to remove the Skin Irrit. 2; H315, Eye Irrit. 2; H319 and the environmental (Aquatic Acute 1; H400 and Aquatic Chronic 1; H410) classifications, but to retain the STOT SE 3; H335 classification.



–       Ethanol, 2,2’ –iminobis-, N- (C13-15-branched and linear alkyl)derivatives



    • RAC is going to follow the proposal that was given by the Netherlands to classify this substance as toxic reproduction that may cause harm to an unborn child.



The final work is due on March 26, 2018.


For more informaiton please visit the echa website.


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