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Cruelty Free International has welcomed the decision by the Brazilian Governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, to ban cosmetics animal tests in the state. Bill 777/2013, presented by Deputy Feliciano Filho, had already been approved by the Legislative Assembly in December 2013, the São Paulo Parliament implemented a ban and sent the Act to Governor Geraldo Alckmin for signature.


Cruelty Free International representative in Brazil, Frank Alarcón stated: “We are delighted that Governor Alckmin has listened to the voice of consumers across Brazil’s most populous state and signed the Act into law. This is the first such ban in Latin America, and follows similar bans in the European Union and India as the wave of ethical consumer choice sweeps around the world. We congratulate the Parliament and Governor Alckmin on their progressive decision and call on other state governments and the national government to follow their example.”


The ban follows extensive campaigning in Brazil by Cruelty Free International which included the submission of a petition with 120,000 Brazilians calling for an end to animal testing for cosmetics.



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