From Health Canada: this recall involves Pourable NAPAfire and FIREGEL Gel Fuel bottles and jugs distributed by Design Home Gift and Paper Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

The product is a clear, pourable gel fuel packaged in clear 947 ml (one-quart) plastic bottles and 3.785 L (one-gallon) plastic jugs and sold in non-scented and citronella scents. The fuel is poured into a stainless steel cup in the centre of firepots or other decorative lighting devices and then ignited.

The pourable gel fuel can ignite unexpectedly and splatter onto people and objects nearby when it is poured into a firepot that is still burning. This hazard can occur if the consumer does not see the flame or is not aware that the firepot is still ignited. Fuel gel that splatters and ignites can pose fire and burn risks to consumers.

In Canada, the stainless steel cup in the centre of firepots lacks the required precautionary labelling.

The US distributor of the product, Napa Home & Garden Inc. is aware of 37 reports of incidents in the US, including 23 burn injuries to consumers.

Neither Health Canada nor the Canadian distributor, Design Home Gift and Paper Inc., have received any reports of incidents in Canada.

We will keep you informed about other product recalls by Health Canada.