An article in the Ottawa Citizen reminds cosmetics producers about Canada’s new Cosmetic Regulations, which come into effect November 16, 2006:

Ms. Carter-Phillips also downplayed concerns that Canadians don’t know what is in their personal-care products, citing the labelling laws that will take effect in November 2006.

Many critics say Health Canada’s labelling system will only confuse people. Ingredients will be listed using the symbol-based International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients system, which is used in many countries. “We fully acknowledge that this ingredient list will only be understood in conjunction with a medical professional,” said Carl Carter, vice-president of the Canadian Cosmetic, Fragrance and Toiletry Association, which representsapproximately 60 cosmetics companies. But Mr. Carter said in a country with two official languages INCI was the best solution, especially for companies that plan to sell products worldwide. “We know consumers want to know what is in their products,” says Mr. Carter. “We don’t want to hide what is in our products so consumers can make an informed choice whether they have allergies, concerns or fears.”

Nexreg Compliance can assist your company in ensuring that your cosmetics labels meet the requirements set out by Canadian law.

See the full article: Ottawa Citizen.