This article is brought to you from the Liberian Daily Observer concerning chemical regulations in Liberia.

Manufacturing and concession companies operating in Liberia have been warned by international partners to avoid disposing of harmful chemical substances. The national climate change advisor of the United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Kumeh S. Assaf, said the integration of sound chemical management in Liberia’s development plans would be vital for the country. He said Liberia should not be made a junk for outdated and hazardous chemicals, which might put the country at risk.

The UNDP staff made the strict comment yesterday in Monrovia during a one-day assessment workshop on “the national sound management of chemicals regimes” linked to the strategic approach to international chemical management (SAICM) project.

The one-day workshop was sponsored by the UNDP’s Environmental Program in partnership with the Liberian Government through the EPA.

The workshop also sought to assist the government in recognizing and assessing opportunities for the incorporation of sound management of chemicals into its national development policies.

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