This news update discussing REACH on SMEs is brought to you by the European Rubber Journal.



New EU chemical safety regulations are expected to threaten the future of many small and medium sized companies (SMEs) in the rubber industry, an ERJ reader survey* has found.


By 31 May 2018, all substances manufactured or imported into the EU at volumes of 1-100 tonnes per year will have to be registered under the next phase of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).


Asked about the likely impact of the inclusion of small-volume chemicals within REACH on SMEs, 53% of survey respondents expected that this would be ‘negative’ while 38 percent thought it would be ‘very negative’.


Indeed, only 9% of ERJ readers felt there would be no real impact – there was not one single vote to indicate a positive outcome.


Comments posted ranged from: a suggestion that “All money collected for registration fees and penalties for REACH must be returned into the R&D of new chemical technologies”; to total exasperation with the Brussels law-makers “The EC is nuts as far as I am concerned.”


Overall, though, the survey highlighted real concerns that many smaller operators could be put out of business by the expansion of the EU chemical regulations.



For more information on REACH on SMEs, please visit the European Rubber Jornal link above. Please contact Nexreg for REACH compliance.