A recent article on foodproductiondaily.com: WHO sets out European food safety action plan:

At a 19 September meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, WHO will present its second action plan on food safety and nutritional polices for Europe. It will then be up to the individual countries to implement the policies, which will affect how processors operate.

The proposals serve as a guide to governments and national regulators. The food safety component of the plan aims at reducing salmonella and campylobacter contamination in the food-chain and eradicating brucellosis.

The first action plan led to the development of national policies on food safety and nutrition in most European countries, WHO reported.

In the second round, WHO plans to provide support to countries in the implementation of national plans. The new plan sets goals and recommends six areas for integrated and multisectoral action.

For the full details, see: WHO sets out European food safety action plan.