From: France 24

Europe moved Monday to restrict access to chemicals found in everyday products from shampoo to fertiliser but which can be made into explosives such as those used in the 2005 London bombings….The European Union’s executive arm proposed a uniform rule for the entire 27-nation EU on chemicals that can be transformed into home-made bombs in order to have the same standard for every state.

The legislation would prevent potential bomb-makers from taking advantage of differing EU laws by crossing borders to get the chemicals they need if it is restricted in their country of residence, the European Commission said.

The latest report by the police agency Europol showed that home-made explosives are frequently used by terrorists to perpetrate attacks, she said.

For instance hydrogen peroxide, which is found in for hair-dye, tooth whitener and toilet cleaners, was used in the London public transport bombings that left 52 people dead, the commission noted.

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