Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has had wide-range of revisions to the country’s Toxic Chemical and Substances Control Act (TCSCA).


Some of the Key changes include:


–       A proposed establishment of a national chemical regulation advisory reporting system, which would coordinate the roles of various central and local government agencies.


–       Removing  ‘Class four’ of toxic chemical substance that pose both health or environmental risks.


–       Adding a category for ‘chemical substances for investigation’. This category would be for those, which may unintentionally generate hazardous chemicals, but they are not toxic.


–       Creating a chemical substances regulation fund to boost funding for expanded regulation.


These revisions to the country’s TCSCA will also establish whistle-blower mechanisms, including protection for witnesses, informants and the creation of channels.


Taiwan’s EPA will accept comments from companies, organisations and citizens from 17 April until June 16.


For more information, please visit chemicalwatch.com.


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