This news update regarding how Valentine’s Day chocolates have toxic metals is brought to you by Food World News.



Valentine’s Day chocolates have toxic metals.


Receiving Valentine’s Day Chocolates could melt a woman’s heart. But what can you say when you will know that these chocolates are mixed with toxic metals?


The recent revelations that chocolates could contain heavy metals was revealed by, a an Oakland nonprofit consumer group that claimed that some of the popular brands use toxic metals violating California’s Proposition 65 Toxic Warning Law.


n Wednesday, the consumer group conducted independent laboratory studies that have found that out of the 42 chocolate varieties, there are 26 that displayed content of high levels of lead or cadmium, which are regarded as unsafe for consumption, reported.


The chocolate watchdog has tested brands Hershey’s, Ghirardelli, Godiva, Mars, See’s, Whole Foods, Green Lindt, and Black’s to be positive of heavy metals. This means your Valentine’s Day Chocolates could have contained lead or cadmium in high content that are alarming and dangerous to your health.



For more information on how Valentine’s Day chocolates have toxic metals, please visit the Food World News link above. Please contact Nexreg for Prop 65 compliance services.