From: The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) – WHMIS After GHS

When the GHS regulations are applied to WHMIS there will be new rules for classification and labeling of chemical products, and the preparation of safety data sheets (SDS). WHMIS will not be replaced by GHS, however, WHMIS will incorporate GHS elements.

There will be new guidelines for the following:

1. Classification rules
2. Label requirements
3. Safety Data Sheets formerly known as material safety data sheet (MSDS) will have a format change (16 sections instead of 9)and additional content will be required.
4. Some hazard classes will have more specific names
5. Some new classes may be added to WHMIS (i.e. explosives – currently covered by other legislation)
6. Hazard pictograms to be used instead of symbols

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